PN Scope Year Donor Location/ Province Budget-USD
1 English Language Trainings for UNICEF Staff. 2018 UNICEF Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Kandahar and Nangarhar) 29,000.00  
2 Capacity building program for DoWA + public awareness (Girl’s Access to Education/Women’s Literacy Campaign. 2016 The Asia Foundation Urozgan Provinces in Afghanistan)   23,892.00
3 Seasonal Food Security Assessment (SFSA) Based on the above mentioned criteria, a total of 8,500 households 2015 FSAC Cluster/FAO Ghor, Kandahar, Herat and Wardak) 10,183.00
Grand Total Income 2015 to 2018 63075.00
4 “a Improvement of Basic Education Construction of Hazrat Bilal Primary Girls School 2014 Japan Embassy Kabul Paghman District) 121,740.00
5 Capacity Building and Tailoring Training who are involved in this project will be improved and the vulnerable (Men and women) of the area will get the training and their capacity will be enhanced in order to better survive and find source of income for their families.   2014 IRD/SIKA east Wardak Chak District) 35,252.00
  6 WASH Training for 45 Persons and they will participate from schools principals, teachers, scholars, representatives and community elders about CLTS.   2014   TEARFUND In   Kandahar   12,300.00
7 Market Survey Assessment 2014 TEARFUND In Balkh & Jawzjan 8,500.00
8 Agriculture vegetables Capacity Building training for Vulnerable formers. 2014 TEARFUND In Jawzjan 35,670.00
Grand Total Income 2014 213,462.00
9  Improvement of Basic Education a Small package of education and Agriculture sector to construction two 8- Class School one 12-Class school New Building and (300sq.m) lent, protection Wall. 2011 Japan Embassy Ghazni 562,000.00
10 On the job Vocational training Increased knowledge in tailoring, cell phone repair, bicycle repair, motorcycle repair, and generator repair vocational trades for 80-100 fighting age males as determined by baseline and interim examinations administered by the implementing partner; 2011 DAI Nangarhar 95,110.00
11 Two Project Kitchen Gardening Training a total of 200 female trainees will receive basic training in home-yards vegetable plantation/Growing (table cloths vegetables), food processing and procedures for vegetable marketing 2011 DAI Nangarhar     150,469.00
Grand Total Income 2011 807,579.00
12 Learning for Life (LFL) Project The program’s target for Khost Province is for an estimated of 500 students to complete nine months   of Accelerated Learning (AL) to acquire sixth grade level literacy skills.  An estimated 50% of the literacy learners trained will become eligible to enter CHW or TBA training program. 2010 IRC Khost 154,233.00
13 Improvement of Basic Education a Small package of education and Health sector to construction three 8- Class School new Building and one BHC Health Clinic. 2010 Japan Embassy Paktika/Zabul 447,189.00
Grand Total Income 2010 601,422.00
AIRO Grand Total Incom 2010 to 2018 1,685,538.00