1.We endeavor to respect, protect, and promote the fulfillment of the human rights and obligations of all Afghans in accordance with international law.
2.Our primary loyalty, accountability, and responsibility is to the people we serve. Our programs are designed and developed in response to the needs of the people.

3.We are committed to effectiveness and to maximizing the positive impact of our programs. We avoid duplication of services.

4.We are transparent and accountable in our dealings with the government and community partners, the public, donors and other interested parties.

5.We have written constitutions or memorandums of association that clearly define our
missions, our objectives and our organizational structures.

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6.We refrain from internal and external practices that undermine the ethical integrity of our
organizations. We do not engage in theft, corrupt practices, nepotism, bribery, or trade in
illicit substances. We accept funds and donations only from sources whose aims are
consistent with our mission, objectives and capacity, and which do not undermine our
independence and identity.

7.We seek to have a workforce that appropriately reflects the gender, ethnic, geographic and religious diversity of Afghanistan and of the areas where we work.

8.We take every appropriate opportunity to help build Afghan capacity to understand needs, establish priorities, and take effective action so that ultimately humanitarian, development and reconstruction needs are met by Afghans.

 9.We design and implement projects in consultation with local communities and the government because we are committed to the long-term sustainable development of Afghanistan.