AIRO Rapid Market Assessment:

Market assessment was conducted with consideration of relevant market segments for the 6 livelihood options to look at market opportunities and disadvantages for these options. 5 shops were assessed for each of the identified livelihood option, in total about 25 shops were visited in following markets.

  1. Mazar market
  2. Tashqurghan market
  3. Balkh market
  4. Sheberghan market
  5. Aqcha market

Geographical locations Khulm, Balkh, and Mazar districts of Balkh province Sheberghan and Aqcha district of Jawzjan province No. of beneficiaries: 8000 HH Duration of the project: 3 years Proposed Livelihood options Inter-cultivation (grapes+ melon and water melon) (for men) Goat raising (for men and women) Chicken raising (for men and women) Kitchen gardening (for women)home gardening (for men) Spinning wool (for women)

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